Annual Color Program

GTI offers an artistic yet sustainable color program to ensure every visitor sees your property in the best light all year round. GTI color program delivers an eye-catching splash of color for every season. Whether you are a homeowner, a local business, an apartment complex or a community, vibrant colors enhance your company’s brand, your home’s curb appeal, your businesses’ front door – attracting guests, tenants and employees to your property – all of which directly impacts property value and revenue.

Our designers will work with your specific site needs to develop a plan for continual bloom and color year round. We create color combinations, based not just on the color scheme but also on the individual needs of the plant – some need more water, some need more sunlight.  Each color rotation in the bedding area includes a retrofit/inspection of irrigation to assure the new plants are receiving adequate water to flourish. We also apply slow release fertilizer formulated specifically for blooms – it makes all the difference!