Apartment and multi-family residence is a very competitive business in today’s market – from the landscaper standpoint as well as the management/owner standpoint.  Landscaping can actually help to retain current tenants and attract those tenants shopping for a new home. The GTI maintenance team will work hard to ensure the landscape at these properties is always attractive, clean, healthy and creates an inviting curb-appeal to residents. GTI construction division builds many of these multi-family complexes, so it makes sense to then assign the maintenance to the installing contractor for a seamless transition, ensuring familiarity with irrigation and plant care details and reducing the number of vendors on the property.

We provide a comprehensive maintenance package, in our effort to avoid monthly billing surprises for additional services. GTI can provide annual color rotations, fertilization (including refill of in-ground fertigation tanks), pet station and dog park cleanup, grooming of sports play areas, artificial turf grooming/refresh – all as part of our standard annual maintenance contract. Or we can adjust the contract, much like a menu, providing the base services and perform additional services as requested through an approved proposal of services. We have the ability to be flexible with our services in order to meet the specific needs of each client. Our crews are respectful of quiet times and areas within the apartment complex, avoiding or minimizing loud equipment operations during early morning or daily residence activities.