Athletic Field Management

GTI offers complete athletic field management services including installation, seasonal, weekly and daily care. Care and management of athletic fields is one of our GTI enhancement specialty teams.  We work closely with the coaches and in-house management staff to schedule our operations in order to minimize interruptions on play and use of the field.  We have the right equipment, managers and staff expertise to take care of your sports field – from proper mowing heights, patterns and frequency to specialized fertilization programs to off-season renovation of damaged turf areas to efficiently detailed irrigation management to adjust for the team’s practice and game time schedules, as well as seasonal adjustments for weather and time allotted for turf management.

Our irrigation controller timing is literally down to the minute, utilizing the available non-use window to apply adequate water on the field.  We have specialized mow equipment and operators to provide a tight low cut for better play.  And we routinely reset irrigation rotor heads to assure they are slightly below ground level as a safety precaution to minimize potential injury to the field users.