Need ideas, consultations, conceptual drawings, help drafting landscape plans or a design?

Our experienced professionals at GTI will work closely with you to get to know your wants and needs, creating a comprehensive drawing. From beginning to end, our designers will be in close contact with you keeping the lines of communication crystal clear. We have the skills to produce renderings and “virtual” landscapes, allowing the client to experience our cutting edge finished landscape – before construction even starts!  In our virtual design presentations, clients will see (and hear) the fountains bubbling water, the firepit flaming, the landscape lights softening the glow and will be able to visualize the shadows created by the plant material as the sun moves across the sky.  On our projects, we utilize quality materials and highly skilled labor to deliver environmentally sustainable landscaping to help you add a functional living space to your home.

We combine the highest horticultural standards with professionals who have a passion for their work. The thought and expertise that go into our designs ensure a thriving landscape that is perfectly suited to our clients’ tastes.