Irrigation Services

In our high desert climate in the Las Vegas valley, irrigation is the most important component of the landscape. As a SNWA Certified Water Smart contractor, GTI offers a full range of irrigation services including design, installation, installation, maintenance, repairs, retrofits, audits and monitoring.  Our specialty irrigation technicians are thoroughly trained in all components of irrigation maintenance.  We offer in-house training as well as training provided by local irrigation suppliers. Our technicians are competent in irrigation clock settings, assuring the client efficient yet effective water applications specific to the individual site.  Irrigation timers are checked regularly throughout the season, with adjustments made as needed for weather conditions. The irrigation system is also re-programmed seasonally to reflect mandates by local water restrictions. We have 24-hour on-call irrigation response ability with a 2-hour response time.

GTI irrigation technicians are Certified on all smart controller systems, including WeatherTrak/Hydropoint, CalSense and Rainbird’s smart controllers. We work with the client to customize controller settings per zone, per season and according to local weather conditions. Our account managers and technicians have alerts set to text and email them when there is an issue with the system.  We have the ability to generate detailed reports and water usage graphs to maximize efficiency and minimize water waste.  Water is both precious and expensive in our desert climate – we want to do our part to help conserve water and save the client money. 

We also offer irrigation mapping, wherein a GTI team does a detailed GPS inventory of the irrigation system and all components including controllers, valve boxes and backflow preventers. This inventory includes valve-specific details of the system – each station is inventoried to include the valve type, the number/type of sprayheads and the  number/type of nozzles.  The assessment will also include an evaluation of water runoff. The technician runs each valve and measures the time it takes for excess water to begin to flow onto hardscape areas such as pathways and streets. We then use the information to accurately set the controller to avoid excess runoff. Please give us a call for more information on our irrigation services.