Enhancing the health and beauty of your environment and the value and appeal of your property with meticulous horticultural care and responsive customer service is how GTI meets the challenges of desert landscape maintenance.

GTI can manage even the most complex requirements for turf care, irrigation, tree care, enhancements, and all components of grounds management services. We have specialty mow crews, pruning crews, irrigation crews, speciality cleanup crews – all individually trained in their field of expertise. 

Each GTI maintenance project is supported by an account manager and an operations manager who work in together to assure client communication, provide specific direction to on-site crews, and monitor quality control. This two-person team ensures that our clients and our crews both get the attention and support necessary to efficiently produce exceptional landscapes. Our account managers invest the time to understand each client’s needs and preferences as well as each properties’ individual requirements. Our foremen operate their route as if it were their own small business – given the resources and the team needed to deliver services meeting or exceeding client expectations. 

GTI maintenance division offers the following landscape services:

  • Comprehensive landscape management w/ site-specific landscape management plan
  • Professional and detailed mowing service with appropriate mower size for area; weed whacking and edging of bed lines
  • Chemical and manual weed control and abatement; removal of suckers as needed
  • Natural pruning, formal pruning and hedge pruning
  • Blowing and debris removal from rock areas, planters, sidewalks and curbs
  • Detailed irrigation inspections and repairs
  • Irrigation controller management, seasonally set to SNWA recommendations, to assure water use optimization
  • Re-staking trees as needed; periodic inspections and adjustments (or removal) as trees develop new growth
  • Garbage bin service and cleaning as needed
  • Pet station services – provide bags and routine cleaning of waste bins
  • General porter services including garbage bin cleaning, pressure washing, parking lot cleaning and restroom cleaning
  • Monthly landscape reports and attendance at board meetings if requested
  • Turf management programs