GTI’s specialized residential maintenance crews have a full understanding of the complexities of working in the homeowner’s personal space. We are respectful of quiet hours, pets, children, neighbors, HOA regulations, gate access and gate codes, guest and guest parking – each residence management plan is customized to reflect all elements related to the property. 

Our residential Account Managers work closely with the homeowner to customize the landscape services including turf management, irrigation monitoring for optimum efficiency, pruning requirements (formal or informal), specialty rose pruning/fertilization programs, artificial turf grooming, leaf debris removal, decorative rock raking and refresh, fruit tree maintenance programs, pressure washing and cleaning of outdoor surfaces, tree stake monitoring and/or replacement, as well as other request specified by the homeowner. 

We keep our maintenance schedule consistent and avoid changes whenever possible. When changes to the route are necessary, the change is communicated to and discussed with the homeowner prior to implementation.  GTI is very conscious of the privacy of your outdoor home space and we strive to be as efficient and invisible as possible during our service visit.