Tree and Site Inventory

As a specialty service, GTI offers tree inventories.  Our certified arborist will visit the site, GPS each tree and create a profile for each tree.  The profile information includes species identification, size (dbh, height and canopy size), condition (good, fair, poor, dead), irrigation evaluation (how many emitters, type of irrigation), and a photo of the tree. This information is housed on a Google map app and can be shared with the client.  Once the waypoint is obtained and the information entered into the program, a photo of the tree is also inserted. You can then zoom in on a specific tree, click on it and get the condition rating as well as a photo of the tree. The inventory is very useful when developing budgets for anticipated on-going tree maintenance.  Essential tree work can thus be easily prioritized and the cost spread over an extended (and planned) budgetary period of 3-5 years based on the condition and individual assessment of trees. 

This same GPS’ing and mapping service can be utilized for the irrigation system components – with a mapped location of the mainline shutoff, controllers, valve boxes, backflow preventers – all very important information to help during transition of staff. GTI has customized the program to inventory site amenities – benches, picnic tables, bbb grills, garbage bins, pet stations – allowing you to have a full count and accurate location of all site amenities. Call to speak to our arborist if you are interested in this unique tree care management program.